Save on Art to Save Hemi

Sad news from the vet today, as a biopsy of a growth on my dog's paw came back abnormal. The tumor has to be removed, and with its location and continued growth, the sooner we do that the better.

I've added a coupon code to my shop for 15% off of any purchases over $50, for sales to put towards his surgery and recovery. If you've been considering commissioning a portrait of your own pet, or are just on the lookout for some amazing art and hand-painted gifts, use the coupon code HELPHEMI at checkout to support my sweet pup. I'll keep the coupon valid until there have been enough sales to cover his vet fees. Please feel free to share the code with friends.

Hug your pets tightly! They are precious, and who knows how long we will be blessed with their presence.

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