Memorial Pet Portraits with Names

Recently I've been getting a lot of orders for Day of the Dead style memorial pet portraits with the pet's name in a banner. I have to say that I really love the way this creates that extra personalized touch for these portraits. The portraits are painted in a Day of the Dead style, which is a Mexican tradition to remember loved ones who have passed on, and support them in their spiritual journey. I love the celebratory approach to remembering loved ones, and it makes for beautiful, colorful memorial pet portraits. 

People love their pets like family, and it is always such an honor to create memorial portraits which do honor to a beloved pet's memory. As always, I love what I do and I am thankful to my customers for giving me the opportunity to memorialize their pets.

Custom Day of the Dead Portraits of People and Couples Now Available

I was originally contacted about painting a Dia de los Muertos portrait of a woman by somebody who had seen my Dia de los Muertos pet portraits. I was thrilled and really enjoyed painting it. Visitors to my studio who saw if on the easel loved it as well, and that was my sign. I am now offering these beautiful portraits in my shop. Order Day of the Dead couples portraits as a really special wedding gift for your engaged friends, or contact me for special arrangements to use them as your wedding invitation!

Click here to order your own Day of the Dead Custom Portrait. Many sizes are available, all on quality stretched canvasses, with deep sides which have the beautiful added detail work shown in the photos below.


Custom Day of the Dead Dog Portraits

You can order a custom portrait of your dog hand-painted on canvas or rice paper in Day of the Dead portrait style for under $100!

Please check out my Pet Portraits page to look at your style options, or click on the links below to go directly to the ordering pages for each of my day of the dead Pet Portrait styles.

Day of the Dead / Contemporary Fusion Pet Portrait - Acrylic Paint on Canvas

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Tattoo-Inspired Day  of the Dead Pet Portrait - Fluid Acrylics on Rice Paper

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Day of the Dead Style Pet Portrait or Memorial - Acrylic Paint on Canvas

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