Rockabilly and Tattoo-Inspired Gift Ideas

Searching for "tattoo gifts" can lead to some pretty terrible, cliche suggestions. Below are a few that are actually cool. Enjoy!

Personalized Traditional Tattoo Print

This print is beautiful, and can be personalized with any names or phrase you would like.

It makes a great wedding or anniversary gift with the sweeties' names in the banner, or you can have any phrase you'd like placed in the scroll, such as "True Love" or "Never Forget".

It's printed on a really heavy, textured, beautiful paper with gorgeous inks, and it's under $20, no matter which size you choose (8x10 inches or 11x14 inches, which will both slip right into a standard frame).

Click here to get it!

Pin-Up Jewelry Box

Have you bought some jewelry for your honey, and you need the perfect box to put it in? You're covered…

All three of these boxes are pretty fantastic.

Vintage-style pin-up girl: This sailor-style beauty is traditional and gorgeous. Click here to get it.

Swallow on red box: This one comes personalized on the front with your sweetie's name. Click here to get it.

Custom pin-up box: Have a box created with your sweetie as a pin-up, along with her name! Totally unique. Click here to get it.

Personalized Throw Pillow

Here's a gift that can be snuggled up to every night… and it is personalized!

Click here to get it!

There are some other designs in the store, including an anchor and scroll, or a heart and arrow with a scroll. They're all great.

Koi Fish Traditional Tattoo Print

This is another gorgeous print.

Traditional Japanese tattoo-style art with swirls of water and koi in a yin-yang design. It's printed on beautiful, heavyweight paper and cmes in perfect sizes to drop into a frame. An easy gift that'll look great on the wall.

Click here to get it!

Create her name in hand-painted letters!

If your sweetie likes cherry blossoms, here's a great idea. Order the letters of her name painted with traditional wind bars and cherry blossoms.

Or, order a word, such as "love" in the letters.

No matter how you do it, this is a gift that will last for years and will be enjoyed every day.

Click here to get it.

Tattoo Art Gift Tags

Top of your gift with one of these gift tags. The scrolls on the fronts of the tags are blank so that you can write the name of your gift recipient in them. What a unique idea for gift tags! The name becomes a part of the art (and the art, by the way, is really beautiful)!

Also great is the fact that these tags aren't made from paper, like most gift tags. They're made from a heavy-weight card stock, so again, not a throw-away item.

Click here to get them!