Custom Painting for Children’s Room or Nursery – Upscale Children’s Decor

Monsters are friends, too!

This painting allows you to order a large, hand painted portrait of your own child or children right in the middle of this whimsical monster scene! Who knows what amazing adventures your children and these adorable monsters are up to. Only their imaginations can set the limits!

This idea began when I painted the original "Monster Parade" painting with my own son leading the march. A mom-friend loved it and asked if she could order one just like it with her two sons. I decided to open it up to orders from anybody, and have the listing in my Etsy shop.

Click here to order a custom, large painting of your child or children leading the monster parade!

This painting is huge, at 12" high by 36" wide. It will bring bright, fun color and whimsy to any play room, child's room or nursery! It is painted by a professional artist (myself), and because you are ordering something with most of the design already set, you are not going to pay the huge cost of a completely custom painting like this at that size.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or check out the ordering page for more details.